Inspiriti is not just a new lifestyle drink based on tea. Inspiriti is a attitude to life. Mentally fit, productively and inspired throughout the day. Full of power and motivation without harming our body. The motto: Consumption without repentance. Besides all this the drink should taste even better than everything excisting on the market.  In addition, when opening the smell should inspire and stimulate alone. This vision pushes us from the first hour.

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All that had not been in Rafael's mind when the founder of Inspiriti mixed up his first self-made ice teas in his kitchen.Like almost every student, Rafael was looking for an energizing refresher to cope with university life and to keep up concentration during examination phase. Stimulating green tea and high quality fruit juices with low sugar have been the optimal solution at the outset. But the story should go on.

At the university Rafael got to know and come to appreciate Kishor Adhikari, a Nepalese exchange student. Kishor told him a lot about their culture and traditions with tea and natural stimulants. Only the infusion time of green tea in combination with the water temperature influence the caffeine content. Moreover the natural stimulant guarana is usually put into tea to achieve long lasting mental fitness.


Kishor was enthusiastic immediately about the idea to develope a refreshing tea drink and together they continued with the kitchen experiments. Soon they had a clear imagination about the mixture and they wanted to share it with their friends. The two oganized a tasting party with friends from the campus. Many people from different countries and cultures came to have a taste. The feedback was amazing and there were hardly left any testing products - Inspiriti was born.

"You should definitely devote yourself to the topic
that has aroused your interest so strongly in the last
few years and has shaped your life."

Kishor Adhikari